What’s In the Book

westfall silhouetteFor detailed information about the topics covered in the book and the way the book is laid out, explore:

belasik silhouetteAnd to see how the book and its supplemental materials are written — our style of writing and the philosophy that guides the ways we explain things, look at these pages:

We’re certain you’ll enjoy every bit of the science and horsemanship that’s been integrated in the pages of “The Science of Riding with Feel: Horse Biomechanics and You” because the text is engagingly written and offers clear explanations of the basic biomechanics of horse movement. In fact, the pages of this website, especially those related to The Story of This Book, show you how the book is written. More than 100 drawings, diagrams, and photographs illustrate the concepts and highlight the ways they apply to practical riding situations. Special sidebars in each chapter focus on particularly interesting details or highlight quotes and images that connect principles of biomechanics to the wisdom of great horsemen and horsewomen and the schools of thought and practice they’ve established:  people like Ray Hunt, Paul Belasik, Sally Swift, Bill and Tom Dorrance, Philippe Karl, and de la Guérinière.

A companion Workbook will be published online, free of charge, to make sure that everyone has access to useful methods for seeing horse movement more clearly, and exercises that help riders feel that movement better on horseback. Short videos and animated gifs (like the ones here) will also be posted online, to more fully demonstrate the concepts described in the text and photos of “The Science of Riding with Feel: Horse Biomechanics and You” and its companion Workbook PDF.