The book isn’t published yet for us to share those testimonials with you, but here’s a selection of things people have said about Dawn’s biomechanics seminars and (below those) Jo’s riding clinics.

Testimonials about Dawn’s biomechanics seminar:

From a person with a BA in Equine Science: “Being a graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Equine Science from Colorado State University made me think that I was pretty knowledgeable when it came to horses. After taking this seminar I learned that there was a lot I didn’t know and a lot that I should have known. The material presented shed a whole new light on the exercises I am working on with my horse. It all makes sense now. I was so pleased with what I learned.” — Jessica Tindall

From a veterinarian: “I had the pleasure of attending Dawn’s Biomechanics seminar a few weeks ago, and have to say that I haven’t looked at my horse the same way since. Even with my years of training, Dawn presented ideas and explanations about how the horse’s body interacts with itself that I hadn’t really considered. It certainly has given me a new perspective on my riding, and how my body can either help or hinder the relationship I am striving to develop with this amazing creature.” — Gail Rapport, DVM

From a Mechanical Engineer who rides horses: “Dawn did an excellent job of bringing the average ‘Non-Engineer’ horse person to a working understanding of Mechanics, Stress, Motion, and the forces at work with moving mechanical systems; all this in relation to the makeup and structural/motion differences in the horse. It was very enlightening to see how the support structure of the horse functions in the different gaits and activities and see that the horse, just like humans, has certain restrictions and movements to keep it from being out-of-balance and falling. Her knowledge of the horse’s structure and function, combined with mechanics, was very complete. Once she laid down these basics and went into examples and applications to horsemanship, you could feel the room rise with her enthusiasm in Horse Biomechanics being a key element in correcting riding difficulties and approaching what to expect and ask of the horse. It became obvious that some of our troubles with horses result from asking them to function contrary to their design. I came away from this talk very excited about this extremely important aspect of understanding your horse.” — Dean Ness, Mechanical Engineer (B.S. Colorado State University, 1979), horse enthusiast for many years

From a high-level professional dressage trainer who trained with Karl Mikolka: “As a riding teacher, trainer and student of ‘the horse’ I’ve searched high and low to understand how to make the horses job easier for them and applicable for my students. Various training methods suggest ‘putting the horses’ head low’, while other say to bring it up. Some suggest to flex the neck left and right and yet others tell you to just ride the horse ‘forward and straight’. How is a teacher or student to know what is really the right answer? Dawn’s biomechanics seminar dispels the mystery behind how the horse moves and where a rider must focus in order to fix problems. With this kind of knowledge available, I believe that riders can help to promote their horses physical longevity and soundness. Regardless of the type of saddle you prefer or training method you’ve used in the past, once you hear what Dawn has to say you’ll have a whole new appreciation for the value of understanding biomechanics. If you have a desire to promote your horses’ physical and mental well-being, than I strongly recommend you attend Dawn’s seminars.” — Dawn Fisher

From a “backyard rider”: “I am a 44 year old accountant and have been taking Western and bareback horse riding lessons for just over a year. But being a backyard rider doesn’t mean that I am not really concerned about keeping my horse healthy. Until I attended Dawn’s biomechanics clinic, I didn’t understand just how much pain we can cause our horses by improper riding techniques. Using concepts of anatomy (muscle and bone structure) and physics, Dawn illustrated a horse’s movement with surprising simplicity. Without a science background, I was concerned I would be a little lost but after attending the clinic, I have a very good understanding of how my horse moves forward, backward and laterally. And I have a much better understanding of what I can do to support that movement and keep my horse stronger and healthier, which will keep both of us happier.” — Julie Gunning

And here are a few testimonials from people who’ve taken Jo’s clinics:

“I had the privilege of riding under Sally Swift at a Centered Riding clinic in Vermont a few years back.  At the end of each 1-hour lesson I felt that I had accomplished so much and learned so much from Sally that I wanted to keep riding for another five hours and soak up everything I could from her.  This is how I feel when I ride with Jo.  Earlier this year I was having some serious issues with my mare, Fergie, and working with Jo has regained my confidence like I never thought I would.  Yes, we started back with the basics but Jo is so calm and patient and doesn’t care how often you say, ‘just one more time.’  She has a way of instilling confidence in a rider such that Fergie and I were very soon riding together again as a team.  In a few short months we have progressed from walking on a lunge line to trotting with collection that I didn’t think was possible.  One other thing I love about Jo is her consideration of the horse – they are not a means to an end to her they are our partners and should enjoy what they are doing just as much as the rider does.  I’m having fun riding again and find it hard to stop smiling after each lesson with Jo – I’d have a lesson with her every day if I could.” – Sara Phillips, Dressage Rider and Founder of Equistencils

“Jo, you have such an amazing clinic. After working with you for just minutes, I was amazed and thrilled at how you showed me to be in the moment with my horse. Also, with each of us riders, you seemed to hit on exactly the things we each needed to deal with and overcome and gave us the techniques to do so, even when each of us had different problems. I am amazed. Thank you!!” – Karen Fox, Trail Rider

“I just attended the clinic at Crosby, ND and also did a private lesson on a second horse. I rode away with a feeling of accomplishment on both horses…. and MYSELF!!! I learned more than I ever thought/dreamed I would. I highly recommend going! Jo helps improves all levels of riding!!!” – Ryane Bakke, AQHA Competitor (5th in the 2013 AQHA World Show and 3rd in Intermediate Performance Halter Geldings)

“I definitely enjoyed the clinic. I learned more in one day from you than the previous months of riding on my own. I told my son I wish I had a week to work with you.”  Terry Campbell, Pleasure Rider