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1.9 horse moment arm front

One of the book’s many illustrations.

If you’d like us to let you know when the book is ready for purchase, to send you periodic updates or news, or to notify you when we’re offering a clinic session of “The Science of Riding With Feel:  Horse Biomechanics and You” fill out the contact form below and submit it. You may also use the form to ask specific questions about the book, the Kickstarter campaign, or other subjects related to “The Science of Riding With Feel:  Horse Biomechanics and You.”  We regret that we cannot answer specific questions about problems a particular horse and/or rider are experiencing, however, nor can we reply to questions about horse biomechanics in general at this time. But we hope that once it’s published, the book will answer many of your general questions and perhaps help you think more constructively about the specific ones.

We keep all your information private, and never share it with or sell it to third parties.

You can learn more about us and what we do at the Horse-Human Relationship page for Tapestry Institute.

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