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final book cover mockup for web

This mock-up cover for “The Science of Riding with Feel: Horse Biomechanics and You” is based on a sketch by Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519). The final cover will feature a re-drawn image of the same figure.

“The Science of Riding with Feel: Horse Biomechanics and You” is the book about horse biomechanics you need and want, that you’ve asked for. Written by a biomechanics research scientist and a professional horsewoman, the project has been 10 years in the making, the last two in research, writing, and illustration planning. Now the book is slated for delivery to the horse community in fall of 2015. Final book production is possible thanks to the wonderful backers of our successful Kickstarter campaign. 



“The Science of Riding With Feel:  Horse Biomechanics and You” combines real biomechanics with real riding in the book horsepeople have been waiting for, asking for, and deserve.


newiconProduced by Dawn Hill Adams, Ph.D. and Jo Belasco, Esq., 2015. Understanding the Horse, LLC.

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